Friday, 14 March 2014

How to grow taller... its easy if you know how! Lifts!

Some thing that recently caught my eye as I was looking through a couple website and the usual blog that I follow recently was a article on superoito about shoe lifts and how to grow taller and such, I have always lacked confidence due mainly because of my height and I never thought that you could really do much.. well anything that not obvious I knew for instance that you could go around walking in elevator shoes but with the massive heels on them you are bound to get people sniggering at you and pointing because they look ridiculous to say the least. But what interested me about these insoles is that they are tucked away in your shoes, discreet I think is the word so I guess if there is no evidence of what you doing like massively tall heels I guess nobody will have a clue.

Also what really made me get excited was you know usually when you wear high heels it can get painful after a while and hurt you feet causing damage and you can even get things like plantar fasciitis if you wear them to long in a uncomfortable as you position your feet in a uncomfortable position so I was quite relieved to hear that this doesn't happen with these shoe lifts because the insoles are built around the idea of orthotics and actually will support and protect your feet... some say that wearing height increasing insoles is in fact better for your feet then waring nothing in your shoes at all because flat insoles dont offer support and shock absorption but shoe lifts do and will ward off aches, pains and stuff like plantar fasciitis. I think after reading all of that I was pretty much sold on the idea of wearing them and went right ahead and purchased some... and when they arrived I can honestly say they are the best things ever as I am now 3 inches taller all thanks to them people aren't even suspicious people just say things like "wow you grown last time I met you!"